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Laguerre-Gaussian beam propagation calculator

LG calculator

Laguerre Gaussian beam propagation calculator

About the program

This program is a combination of two programs. The core program – main.exe was written by Raimondas Ciegis and Galina Silko. Raimondas Ciegis and Galina Silko has developed numerical algorithm to calculate beam propagation. Beam is described in Laguerre Gaussian modes. The physical problem was designed by Aleksandr Dementjev.

I developed an adapter to main.exe program. I call it LGcalculator. With this adapter you can run parametrized problems and get all spectra of solutions. I have also developed program LGanalyzer. With a help of LGanalyzer one can analyze data calculated by LGcalculator. More description about the program is on the way.

People involved in this project

  1. prof. habil. dr. Aleksandr Dementjev
  2. prof. habil. dr. Raimondas Ciegis
  3. dr. Galina Silko
  4. and of course me – Kestutis Rackaitis

Publications based on this software

  • R.Čiegis, A.S.Dement‘ev, K.Račkaitis, N.Slavinskis and G.Šilko, „Numerical treatment of focal shift of focused axially symmetric laser beams“, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Abstracts of the 11th International Conference MMA 2006, 1 – 4 June, 2006, Jūrmala, Latvia, p. 18.
  • Dement’ev, Aleksandr; Jovaisa, A; Šilko, Galina; Čiegis, Raimondas.   On alternative methods for measuring the radius and propagation ratio of axially symmetric laser beams // Quantum Electronics. ISSN 1063-7818. Vol. 35, No. 11 (2005). p. 1045-1052.
  • R. Čiegis, A. Dement‘ev and G.Šilko. Parallel Numerical Modelling of Short Laser Pulse Compression. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Volume 9, Number 2, 2004, p 115-126.
  • Dementjev, R. Navakas, R. Čiegis, G.Šilko. Lazerio pluoštų skersmenų ir sklidimo faktorių matavimo alternatyviais standartiniais būdais analizė modeliuojant. Matavimai, Nr. 4(28), 2003, p. 19-24.
  • Alexander Dement’ev, Robertas Navakas, Raimondas Čiegis, Galina Šilko. Numerical analysis of the ISO alternative methods for propagation factor measurements of coherent stigmatic beam. Instruments and Standard Test Procedures for Laser Beam and Optics Characterization, 2003, p. 105-120.
  • Raimondas Čiegis, Galina Šilko, Aleksandr Dement’ev. A Tool for Modeling Optical Beam Propagation. Informatica, 2002, Vol. 13, No 2, p. 149 – 162.

Video tutorials

on the way


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